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How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Battery Charger

Time:2023-06-13 Views:72

An Electric Golf cart battery makes it easy to cruise around with your golf cart without spreading fuel emissions. As a matter of fact, it provides convenience at a low cost and makes life easy.

However, you need to charge the battery if you want to enjoy it. Sourcing a quality battery charger from a renewed manufacturer is very essential. With them, you are sure of getting the best charger for your golf cart.

How will you know the best charger for your golf cart? Well, read on as we give you tips that will make it easy for you.

The Type of Battery Charger to Buy

It is recommendable to buy a programmable charger that works with multiple battery types. The good thing about it is that the programmable charger comes with a cable or Bluetooth that enables you to vary the charge profile.

Most golf carts come with a lead-acid battery. However, some people upgrade it to lithium to gain more benefits.

Also, you can go for On-Board Charger (OBC) for golf carts. On-board chargers are mostly built into golf cart where it stays permanently while moving around with the cart. OBC can convert any AC electricity to usable DC electricity.

Golf Cart Battery Charger

What Makes People Choose Lithium Battery

Due to the usage of golf carts, lithium batteries have a longer lifespan and superior performance compared to other batteries. Also, lithium battery happens to be the most energy-dense battery currently on the market.

Moreover, the charging speed is very fast and does not keep the golf cart for too long before use. It may take a lithium battery 3 hours for charging compared to 8 hours for a lead acid battery.

Should You Plug Golf Cart All the Time?

When using the correct battery charger, it is safe to leave the golf cart plug in without any damage to the battery. However, if the charger is not the correct one, it may cause over-charging.

Thus, it is good to use a "smart" charger that will stop charging once the battery is full. Sometimes, the smart chargers switch into trickle mode of charging, which makes it charge the battery slowly.

Is it Possible to Overcharge the Golf Cart Battery?

It is possible to overcharge the battery if the charger is not the correct charger for the cart golf battery. When you use the correct charger, the charger will shut off once the battery is full.

The wrong battery charger will lead to overheating and overcharging of the battery. Most lead-acid batteries may lead to a chemical fire.

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