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Why solar street light is more and more popular

Time:2021-08-28 Views:729
Now the night, all kinds of lights linger, the night put Buddha is not the night, everywhere brilliant lights as if in the daytime. Of course, the lights here do not come from the stars in the sky, but from the street lamps standing on both sides of the road.
The lamp was now very close to us, but little attention was paid to it until its field suddenly filled with darkness.
Today we will talk about the most used solar street lights around us.
When we were young, we often saw this saying in textbooks: "We cannot live without the sun for our clothes, food, shelter and transportation. The sun gives us light and heat." Indeed, the sun has given us a lot of things, and people are constantly exploiting and using the sun. There are many solar water heaters, solar power stations, solar water pumps, solar street lamps and so on.
Solar street light, as the name implies, is composed of solar energy and lamp, more precisely, it should be composed of three system components: panel, battery and controller. Comparatively speaking, the system composition of solar street lamp is much more complex. The main light source of solar street lamp is LED, DC energy-saving lamp, DC gas discharge lamp and electroless lamp, etc.
Previously, most rural power users were far away from the power grid, and households lived in scattered areas. The construction cost of high-voltage transmission was 100,000-130,000 yuan per kilometer, leading to the high cost of setting up power lines. The power supply of the power grid is mainly used to meet the needs of rural residents‘ life and production, among which the most important is lighting, small household appliances, and agricultural irrigation. With or without utilities such as road lighting, as solar photovoltaic technology matures, solar photovoltaic is seen as the best solution to rural power generation in many places.
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